Build Up A Network

Build Up A Network

» Networking! Networking! Networking! «

Everyone knows the saying: Your network is your success.

I have internalized this mantra for myself. It is very important and beneficial to have the right contacts and to constantly expand your network. In the following I give tips and examples on how you can easily build up and expand your network and why a large network is really important in the professional world for entrepreneurs.

Why do I need a large network?

Nowadays, most of it is about contacts. Jobs, new projects or tenders are often awarded on recommendation. If nobody knows you or your company, the chances of being noticed are very low. Clearly, the more contacts you have, the higher the likelihood that your name and your job will be spread and passed on through recommendations. Contacts that are simply based on the same interests can also be helpful and provide new inspiration or input that you might not have come across on your own. With a large network it can also happen that you can see how potential competitors are acting or presenting themselves. This can also be helpful. The more openly you look around the market, the more clearly you can spread your goals and offer. A large network is also very important for spreading your own offers. In this way, topics are disseminated much faster and passed on to the right contacts. In summary, a large and functioning network can be the key to success for your own success. In any case, it is very helpful. The longer you work in business, the larger your network will usually be. Nowadays, digitalization helps us to build up and expand our network faster. But the personal aspect should not be missing here either. Ideally, you network in both areas: in person and online. So you can take advantage of everything and have a lot of fun.

How to build my network

Contacts, Contacts, Contacts. At the beginning of the network setup, it is advisable to start in your own circle of friends and acquaintances and to expand and expand contacts. According to the motto: She knows the one who knows someone else… someone always knows someone. You can also meet new contacts on private parties, such as birthdays or other celebrations. Most new business contacts are made through recommendations. Social networking is extremely important. In addition to the circle of friends and acquaintances, it is also worth building up completely new contacts. This works best in network groups, which at best have a common theme or concern, where everyone meets and meets with the same interests. Whether at real meetings or as nowadays more often online, in network meetings or webinars. For example, there are various women’s networks that share topics such as business, start-up or family. Business networks are particularly important and interesting. Especially because there are a wide variety of professional groups meeting there. Here the probability of spreading your own concerns and interests is very high.

Another very important medium are the social networks for the external presentation of the own person or the company. These have a very wide range and you can get in touch with people you wouldn’t meet in real life. Accounts on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter are indispensable, especially for business. The continuous maintenance of the accounts is important here. Always being present is the motto. This increases the likelihood that potential new contacts will notice you and your company. Helpful here is a stringent and professional look, which not only increases the attention and the number of followers, in the best case you can create a recognition value.

Business networks such as Xing or LinkedIn are a must-have for any entrepreneur today. Depending on where the needs lie, it is worth to buy the Premium account in order to be able to use more advantages of these profiles. Here, too, the right focus is crucial. It helps to look for suitable contacts to connect with.

A tip from me: You should network smart and sustainable. It is advisable not to lose sight of the clear focus of your own goals when networking. In the back of your mind, you should always think: Does this network bring me or my company something like new impact? Is it advantageous to be equally present in all social media networks or should I prefer to focus on a network that clearly reaches my target group? Personally, I therefore like to draw up an interim balance for myself and my company every six months and see whether our network should be expanded in other areas or the focus should be adjusted. In addition to the digital self-expression of the company or your own person, it is advantageous if others also report on one. I like to give interviews and reach further contacts that could be helpful. The advantage here: the people who read or listen to your interviews already have a basic interest in your work. You should not be afraid to perform in a variety of formats. Whether in a podcast, in a magazine or in a TV interview. All these formats have their reach and can be an asset to your network. In summary, building a network requires patience, perseverance, and tenacity. It’s a lot of work. But if you operate it continuously and purposefully, it takes you far forward and can be very useful to us entrepreneurs.

After 20 years of experience in financial services and a career at the big consulting firms, I founded my own consulting firm passcon and lead it to international success within only three years - now I am here to support You, the (female) leader of tomorrow!