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This book is your practical guide to an international and successful startup story. Learn about all the Do's and Dont's when it comes to building up a successful startup and transforming it into an international success.​

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It takes passion to start a new business. It takes focus and persistence to lead it to success.

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  1. This is why I became self-employed
  2. My personal vision of having my own company
  1. Phase I: What was important in the initial planning
    1. Who is your potential customer and what are their needs
    2. What exactly is your company’s market niche
  1. Phase II: The beginning of your company - the first year
    1. Find the information you will need to establish your company
    2. Position your business as streamlined and efficiently as possible
    3. Completely digital is not a myth
    4. Why I choose the digital personnel management HRWorks
    5. Why I choose the Apple IT-System
    6. Regional decision-making as opposed to global
    7. My first employee - An allrounder is a must
    8. How do I make myself interesting as an employer
    9. Focus, focus, focus - Set the right priorities
    10. Create your ideal working environment
    11. My most important tips from the company’s first year
  1. Phase III: From quickly growing start-up to internationally established company - our second year
    1. Always keep an eye on your cash flow!
    2. Find the right employees - the second year will demand specialists
    3. Invest in growth
    4. Keep your costs under control
    5. How to overcome the dark side of the start-up phase
    6. Define solid time slots for the tasks at hand
    7. Here’s how to succeed at internationalisation
    8. No two countries are the same - so be prepared!
  1. Phase IV: Double-Digit-Turnover and international presence is achieved - our third year
    1. What really helps when following up on internal structures
    2. The right employees are the name of the game
    3. Talent management is key
    4. Plan, Do, Review - keep an eye on the management of products and entities
    5. With growth, communication gains importance
    6. Job, family, leisure time - How to make it all work
    7. My most important tips on how to reconcile job and family
  1. Outlook
  2. Closing remarks


My intention with this book is to inspire you. I want to tell you exciting stories of how I turned my start-up in 2016 into an internationally established consulting firm of more than 130 employees with 12 branch offices in 8 countries.

This book should also be an entrepreneurial guide. I’m thinking of start-ups on the level of medium-sized, international operations who attach importance on financing growth from their own resources.

With my story, I would especially like to encourage women, independent of age, industry and origin to believe in themselves and to realise their own dreams and visions. My advice: live by your own goals and ideas - not by the expectations that are imposed upon you.

Goals, dreams and visions are important in order to achieve exactly what you want in your professional life. You will only succeed if you perform your occupation with passion. Of that I am convinced.

I’ve always had goals. My grandparents were successfully self-employed, my parents as well. That’s how I was brought up.

I was also strongly influenced by competitive sports. I always wanted to be successful, to do great things, to realise my goals and dreams. I dreamt of working in consulting without the limits of time and space. I wanted to work globally and with people of varying talents and nationalities. I wanted to help clients offer their innate value and implement their strategies around the globe.

As a woman and entrepreneur in the consulting field, I was at first ridiculed by the competition. But in spite of all the prejudice and difficulty, I was able to lead my international consulting firm to a success I can be proud of within just 3 years.

At this juncture, I would like to thank my partner and co-founder, Dr. Oliver von Schweinitz, who always encouraged me to start passcon. I am also grateful to my husband, Mathias, who constantly supports and stands by me. Without him, it would not have been possible for me to be a good mother to our two children as well as establish an international enterprise.

A huge thank you to my two employees who have been with me from the start, Benjamin Schmidt and Jean Marc Bieger. When our start-up was still in its infancy and no one had a clue where the journey would take us, you helped me realise my vision for passcon. In spite of this uncertainty, you decided to take a chance on passcon, believed in my idea, and have continued to be faithful and loyal employees. Without you I would never have come this far.

I’m pleased you are taking the time to read this book.

Corinna Reibchen

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